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Blockchain Mainnet SIGMACHAIN

User-centered Blockchain Mainnet

  • SIGMACHAIN is a blockchain mainnet designed with the world's recognized and accredited top technology, focused on the user experience.
  • It offers an easily accessible blockchain service platform that anyone can use, and leads the way in popularizing blockchain technology.

DRPoS Algorithm

The most advanced blockchain consensus algorithm

300,000 TPS

Competitive network speed

150 API Node Setup

150 sets of blockchain integration APIs


Transaction Performance

With a processing speed of 300,000 transactions per second and block generation every 3 seconds, it is highly suitable and exceptionally stable.
* PoW-based transactions typically process 7-10,000 transactions per second.


The DPoS consensus model can be susceptible to block contamination or hacking through collusion among 51% of the participants. However, DRPoS adds an additional layer of security by randomly selecting 6 nodes to maintain integrity, making it even more difficult to hack.


Enables smooth transaction processing at a fast pace, allowing for a flexible ecosystem configuration and providing stable services such as the creation of web/app wallets.

DApp service enhancement

In order to enhance the stability of DApps, we have deployed various access methods depending on the different activities of DApp users. (posting, commenting, coin transfer, etc.)

Monitoring and performance improvements

SIGMACHAIN provides the ability to monitor the results of block generation for block generating nodes based on Web services. Also, by providing development debug nodes for engine improvement without registering with the blockchain service network, the SIGMACHAIN mainnet monitors the blockchain network situation and enables separate development from the current blockchain service.

Enabling private blockchain

It has been developed to easily change the number of cases, including the number of participants and the number of velidators. So, it's easy and reliable when banks or businesses attempt to deploy a block chain internally.

DRPoS Consensus Algorithm

The block producers (BPs) of SIGMACHAIN operate based on a consensus algorithm called DRPoS (Delegated Random Proof of Stake). Among the 17 BPs, 6 are randomly selected from the entire pool of participants for validation, while the remaining 17 are fixed. In contrast to the traditional DPoS model that targets 21 BPs for potential hacking, SIGMACHAIN's model adds 6 random participants, making it even more challenging to hack.

DRPoS is a 4th generation consensus algorithm that addresses the speed issues of PoW (1st generation) and PoS (2nd generation), as well as the security concerns of DPoS (3rd generation). SIGMACHAIN has completed patent applications worldwide.

The main features of DRPoS are as follows:

  • To prevent collusion among BPs (Block Producers) or attacks against specific BPs, BO (Block Observers) are introduced.
  • BOs are randomly selected to participate with BPs in every block generation round.
  • Out of a total of 23 BPs, 17 are elected as master nodes, and 6 are randomly selected as BOs to create blocks and reach consensus.
  • It takes up to 3 seconds for a block to be generated, and 45 seconds for a transaction to be confirmed.

BP(Block Producer)

BP (Block Producer)refers to a node that generates blocks.

BO(Block Observer)

These nodes are responsible for monitoring whether the BPs are generating valid blocks or if there are any errors.

Block generation cycle

First, the order of block generation is determined for 17 master nodes and 6 random nodes. Once all 23 nodes have generated blocks, 6 new random nodes are selected, and the block generation order is randomized. It takes a maximum of 3 seconds for a block to be generated, and it takes 45 seconds for a transaction to be confirmed.

Transaction Performance

The difference in verification methods leads to differences in block generation and transaction speeds.
PoW (Proof of Work) method has a processing capacity of 7-10,000 transactions per second, making it difficult to apply in real-world services due to speed limitations.
Existing PoW-based companies are making various attempts to increase speed, but they have not been able to overcome the inherent limitations of the model.
On the other hand, EOS, which uses DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) method, can process 100,000 transactions per second.
However, our DRPoS (Delegated Random Proof of Stake) method has a transaction processing speed of 300,000 transactions per second and generates blocks every 3 seconds, making it suitable for various services and providing outstanding stability in transaction execution.


SIGMACHAIN has been verified by KOLAS to have a speed of 300,000 TPS, proving its world-class fast and stable blockchain processing technology.


SIGMACHAIN is an independent mainnet that enables smooth transaction processing and a free ecosystem, providing stable services such as wallet creation and secure transfers on the web and app.


With its DRPoS consensus algorithm technology and a speed of 300,000 TPS, SIGMACHAIN ensures scalability to utilize blockchain technology in various businesses.

DAPI (Decentralized Application Program Interface)

Developers can use SIGMACHAIN's provided APIs with a convenient programming language
to directly store data on the blockchain

DAPI (DApp API Connector) is a program function provided by SIGMACHAIN to facilitate DApp development, connecting SIGMACHAIN with DApps.

SIGMACHAIN provides around 150 pre-developed APIs, making it easy for developers who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology to develop using their preferred programming language and connect to the decentralized network.

In addition to the mainnet core engine API, SIGMACHAIN also provides other useful modules such as live streaming, smart wallet, communication network, and P2P cloud APIs.


STO23 (SIGMACHAIN Standard Fungible Token) is a protocol that DApps using the SIGMACHAIN blockchain mainnet must follow when applying for tokens through smart contracts.
STO23 creates an environment on the SIGMACHAIN network where developers can easily and quickly develop DApps, and users can safely and conveniently use them.

*Token : Digital assets that are transferred within the network while adhering to the basic protocols of the main blockchain network

SIGMACHAIN Block Generation Environment

SIGMACHAIN provides a stable system with guaranteed performance through the DRPoS algorithm,
ensuring optimal performance even in a general PC environment.

Light weight, flexibility, scalability, development productivity guaranteed

BP (Block Producer Spec) Minimum specifications recommended specifications
CPU 2 Core 16 Core
RAM 8 G 128 G
Hard 128 G 1 T
Traffic 100 M 1000 M
OS Windows / Linux Windows / Linux
Dev Program Graphene toolkit technology based C, C++
DApp Program Supports various development language SDKs,
such as HTML, Java, Java script, and Object C