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The world where blockchain becomes mainstream,
decentralization is our future vision.

SIGMACHAIN has grown into an IT service development specialist since its establishment in 2014. In 2018, while planning and developing a “Can App Messenger” service that connects hardware terminals and communication devices, we discovered the problems of centralized systems and began researching distributed networks to solve them.

After a long period of research and development, SIGMACHAIN succeeded in independently developing a blockchain mainnet, and thus began the blockchain story of SIGMACHAIN.

Blockchain is a core technology that cannot be ignored in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era,
which forms the foundation of Web 3.0's "digital (virtual) asset era".
In the future, blockchain is expected to be applied in almost all major industries, including finance, insurance, transportation, healthcare, energy, logistics and shipping, music, manufacturing, social media, and the public sector.

SIGMACHAIN is a group of passionate technologists and business innovators
with the goal of decentralizing the world through new technologies.
We believe in the potential of blockchain and strive to continue researching and challenging ourselves to provide tailored blockchain solutions to help businesses integrate blockchain technology and create even greater value.