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Our Team Value Trust · Innovation · Responsibility

We respect the common values and correct thoughts pursued by everyone.

We also value teamwork in establishing and realizing our vision. We listen, observe, delegate, and respond, empowering others along the way. By helping others, we help ourselves.
The core values of SIGMACHAIN, which embody our leadership, future vision, and management philosophy, are as follows:

  • We respect the direction and thoughts of others' businesses and strive to grow together.
  • We are open and easily accessible to everyone.
  • We prove innovation through various experiments.
  • We continuously accept demands for improvement.
  • Service is always important.
  • We focus on creating value with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We embody sincerity.


CEO / CTO Doyoung Kwak

“Our goal is to provide a fast, user-friendly, and
safe decentralized internet ecosystem for everyone.”

Technology specialist who holds a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from Griffith University, developed “Cyworld” as a software engineer at Max Automation.
Afterwards, as a CTO at SayCupid, he was an adjunct professor of game engineering at Korea Polytechnic University, and is recognized as an SNS information technology specialist with strengths in solution (DB) design analysis, adjustment, and consulting.
Since 2015, he has developed SNS-related technologies based on distributed network and is currently responsible for SIGMACHAIN Co., Ltd.'s services. He received the Blockchain Innovation Award at the 2018 Global Economic Cultural Development Awards.

Executive Advisor Kwangsik Choi
  • Former Audit Committee Member of Korea Gas Corporation
  • Former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Korea Gas Corporation
  • Former External Director of Korea Gas Corporation
  • Former CEO of Korea City Airport Terminal
  • Former CEO of Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation (2006-2010)
  • Former CFO of SK Group overseeing financial management
  • Recipient of the 1st Korea CEO Leadership Award in the Transparent Management category in 2011
  • Recipient of the 2nd Trusted CEO Award in the Public Administration category in 2008
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration from Yeungnam University Graduate School
CSO Dongyoon Shin
  • Current Marketing advisor for the Rural Development Administration's distribution marketing committee
  • Current Advisory member for the Smart Challenge Business in Bucheon City
  • Former Marketer and web consultant for over 30 major internet companies such as Joinsdotcom, Naver, and Empas
  • Former Expert in the internet field for Paxnet
  • Former Co-founder of the online vaccine company Everyzone, famous for Turbo Vaccine
  • Former Co-founder of Cuckoo Communications, a platform for automatic address book
  • Former Chief Marketer at NHN Corporation
CSO Dennis Oh
  • Former CEO of a savings bank
  • Former Director of Nexus Startup Investment Company
  • Experience with KOSDAQ listing (Modia, Netmarble)
  • Possesses a track record of understanding and successfully consulting on various business models and M&A through consulting for over 2,000 companies in different fields
  • Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD coursework completed in Industrial Engineering at KAIST
CISO Jeongseok Wang
  • Current CEO of Expert Systems
  • Current Korea branch manager of Stella Cyber, a developer of integrated security analysis platform based on AI/machine learning
  • Former Korea branch manager of AeroHive Networks, a manufacturer of AI-based distributed wireless AP
  • Former Chief security consultant at Lotte Information & Communication, overseeing security consulting for group companies and national information communication network malware management system construction project
  • Former Development team leader at Pumpkin Network
CRO Jangjun Yun
  • Current CEO of Dubhe Co., Ltd.
  • Current Technical advisor at the Korea Software Industry Association
  • Formerly Operated the smart specialized team at Shinhan Bank
  • Formerly Built a blockchain-based personal information management system at Shinhan Bank
  • Formerly Built an AI-based video evidence analysis system for the Korean National Police Agency
  • Formerly Established a big data Proof of Concept (POC) production center in collaboration with Google at LG Display
  • Formerly Built GCRM/GVOCM (Global Customer Relationship Management/Global Voice of the Customer Management) systems for Hyundai and Kia Motors
CIO Michael kim
  • Currently Collaborating and donating to UNICEF and international humanitarian organizations through partnership activities and volunteer work
  • Formerly Engaged in embedded hardware design based on distributed networks
  • Formerly Provided management consulting services related to blockchain at ID4Soft Co., Ltd.
  • Raised and managed ESG funds of $50 million in over 30 countries worldwide
  • Former CTO of H2 Energy
  • Genomics-based distributed digital identity (DID) and metaverse
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration from AIU in the United States
Legal Advisor Jinyeong Yang
  • Currently Establishing and managing the first Law café in South Korea
  • Current Managing partner and attorney at Onnuri Law Firm
  • Current Chairman at Onnuri Counseling Association for Human Psychology
  • Current Chairman of the Korea-China Cultural Ansan Forum
  • Former Deputy Chairman of the Gyeonggi Province branch of the Saenuri Party
  • Passed the 38th Judicial Examination
  • Ph.D. in Business Administration with a major in Management Consulting from Hanyang University Graduate School
  • Graduated from Korea University Law School with a Master's degree in Law
CSO Ethan Jung
  • Current CEO of ESG Insights Group
  • Former PM and Technology Director at domestic and international companies such as KT (KTF), Samsung Electronics Future Strategy Office, SK E&C, and Philip Morris International
  • Diverse industry experience in manufacturing, public sector, telecommunications, and finance
  • Graduated from KAIST major in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science
SPD GunSoo Yoon
  • Former Organizational member of the Korea Beauty Alliance
  • Former Professor for the Korea Productivity Center's university employment program
  • Former Invited lectures on creating the next generation of financial professionals at the Korea Productivity Center
  • Former Chief lecturer at Hacker's Financial Academy
  • Former Faculty member of the Korea Financial Investment Association
  • Former Director at COREANA Cosmetics ORTHIA
  • Former CIO of Yellow Mobile, O2O of Dalli Communication
  • Authored approximately 60 books including regulatory explanations on capital market laws and textbooks for the Korea Financial Investment Association
  • Received an award at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's 3.0 Culture Data Utilization Contest
CMO Jaehyeon Cho
  • Current Director and general manager at Another Universe, a global metaverse platform
  • Former Director and Asia general manager at a Hollywood film and content production company, overseeing projects such as blockchain messengers, FX trading platforms IDUS, and the world's first DeFi ETF project BLK
Advisor Kim Do Yeon
  • Current CEO and director at Metaverse Society Co., Ltd.
  • Current Technology committee member for the National Standardization Technical Committee(Ministry of Science and ICT)
  • Opened MarX NFT Marketplace & SwapDEX
  • Signed an exclusive operating contract for BSN (Blockchain-based Service Network) in Korea
  • Delivered lectures at the 2021 BSN Global Partnership Conference
  • Received commendation from the Governor of Gyeonggi Province for contributions to the Fourth Industrial Revolution in 2020
  • Received a social contribution award in 2020
  • Received a commendation from the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2020
CIO Hyoung Yong Joon
  • Co-founded the world's first social media platform Cyworld and single community
  • Co-founded VideoWiki and Storyblender, the first nominated Asian finalists in TechCrunch 40.
  • Former platform team leader at NHN's new business division
  • Spread Korean knowledge services to Adam, co-founder of, the largest social Q&A service in the United States and former CTO of Facebook
  • Graduated from KAIST with a degree in Business Administration