The world's highest performance
blockchain mainnet
Providing customized blockchain solutions
that can be applied to all businesses

Business Model

SIGMACHAIN provides a total blockchain solution including
mainnet platforms, metaverse, and NFT.

Provide blockchain-based mainnet platform

  • SIGMACHAIN Network Alliance founding assembly
  • Provide a blockchain middleware platform that connects existing services with blockchain

Supply NFT market platform

  • Supply NFT trading market technology
  • Generate revenue distribution through NFT market operation
  • Establish an NFT market portal that connects NFTs across different blockchains

Support DApp/Web development

  • Develop various DApp/Web services utilizing blockchain in areas such as finance, public administration, and cultural content

Supply NFP Services

  • Supply one-time password generation services using blockchain-based NFP (Non-Fungible Password) technology

Supply DID Services

  • Supply privacy protection and authentication services using blockchain-based DID (Decentralized Identity) technology

Self-developed services

  • Blockchain based Local SNS – Piki
  • NFT Market – Piki Market
  • Local Metaverse – Piki Room