IT solution development and sales

Sigmachain has developed various on-line and off-line IT solutions through its extensive experience in IT development and is upgrading these solutions to be implemented on top of the blockchain like

  • Live video
    Streaming solution

  • Chat solutions(32 countries automatic translation function)

  • P2P file sharing system

Self-service development and operation

Futurepia is a mainnet designed for SNS.

Apart from based on DDPoS method, it also provides various solutions in API form, thereby reducing development cost and time.

  • DApps in Futurpia manage integrated IDs, not separate IDs
  • Instant messenger-based member network sharing
  • Futurepia coin holders can look and invest in DAPPs that want to enter Futurepia
  • Once a DApp enters the Futrepia, it will have the same effect as listing on internal exchanges

Blockchain Based Exchange

Exchange is based on a blockchain technology and owing to its nature, hacking is theoretically impossible.(Traditional exchanges are not built on blockchain therefore there is always a risk to get hacked)

Tokens of the services deployed on Sigmachain can be easily exchanged with Sigmachain coin. (Payment Gateway Available too)

Blockchain mainnet development and supply

  • Security and
    fast transactions

  • SNA
    (Sigmachain Network Alliance)

  • DApp service

  • Provides
    a Private Mainnet